Flavourings are used to flavour food. They come in various forms and can take a liquid, powder or paste-based format, depending on how they are to be used.

In addition to their flavour components, for technical reasons flavourings also contain other substances such as liquid or solid carrier substances to enable better measurement into portions.

Flavourings are concentrated products and as such are not suitable or intended for direct consumption.

It is worth mentioning that with industrial or commercial use, flavourings are generally applied at a ratio of 1:1,000.

This means that 1 g of flavouring is sufficient to flavour 1 kg of food.

In this context, it is also important for the flavour components contained in the flavouring to account for an average of 10 – 20 % of the overall flavouring.

This means that 0.1 g – 0.2 g of flavouring substances are sufficient to flavour 1 kg of food.

As a result, only trace amounts of flavourings are consumed.


Anise natural
Basil natural
Fenugreek natural
Savory natural
Cardamom natural
Cassia natural
Cumin natural
Curcuma natural
Curry english natural
Curry german natural
Curry indian natural
Dill herb natural
Dill seeds natural
Tarragon natural
Fennel natural
Ginger natural
Jalapeno pepper natural
Chervil natural
Roasted garlic natural
Fresh garlic natural
Coriander natural
Caraway natural
Lauch / Porree natural
Lovage natural
Laurel natural
Marjoram natural
Mace natural
Nutmeg natural
Cloves natural
Oregano natural
Paprika natural
Paprika with nat. color stabilizer natural
Parsley natural
Green pepper natural
Black pepper natural
Black pepper discolored natural
White pepper natural v
Pepper doubly discolored, light green natural v
Mushroom type champignon natural
Pimento natural
Rosemary natural
Rosmarinantioxydanz natural
Sage natural
Celery natural
Tamarind natural
Thyme gray natural
Thyme red natural
Vanille Bourbon 10-fach natural
Vanille Bourbon 20-fach natural
Vanille Bourbon 5-fach natural
Juniper natural
Cinnamon natural
Fresh onion natural
Fried onion natural
Roasted onion natural
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